Sony and Yamaha Autonomous Vehicle

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TechXplore: Sony and Yamaha Motor unveil SC-1 Sociable Cart, promoted as "a new mobility experience" and based on Sony sensors. There are five 35 mm full-frame CMOS sensors (four directions around the vehicle and one in the vehicle) and two ISX019 1/3.8-inch CMOS sensor embedded cameras.

The image sensors are used to capture surroundings on HD displays in the area where windows would otherwise be. A ToF-based mixed reality technology developed by Sony superimposes computer graphics onto the surroundings on the monitor. "This turns the area that used to be taken up by windows, where passengers could only see the scenery, into an entertainment area."

According to Sony, "analyzing the images obtained via the image sensor with artificial intelligence (AI) enables the information being streamed to be interactive. The AI can determine the attributes (age, gender, etc.) of people outside the vehicle and optimize ads and other streaming info accordingly."

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