Interview with Lynred CEO

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Security and Defense Business Review publishes an interview with Jean-François Delepau, CEO of Lynred company formed by merger of Sofradir and ULIS IR businesses. Few quotes:

"Lynred is now the world’s number-two developer of infrared technology in the two fields we serve, and we have an 18% share of the global market. The company boasts 1,000 employees, mostly based in Grenoble, and generates annual revenue of €225 million (43% on the defense market, 34% on the industrial market, 12% on the civil aeronautics and space markets, and 11% on the consumer goods market).

Lynred will pursue a pro-active growth strategy. The military infrared imaging systems market, estimated at $8.5 billion (around €7.6 billion) in 2018, is expected to grow to $14 billion (around €12.5 billion) by 2023. If you extrapolate the data from the industrial and consumer camera market, this market could grow from $2.9 billion (around €2.6 billion) to $4.1 billion (around €3.7 billion) over the same period. This represents potential growth of up to 10% for cameras and systems.

With the government’s support, Lynred is investing €150 million over five years to develop its future generations of infrared detectors. These new IR systems will be designed to meet the needs of autonomous systems for smart buildings (workspace management, energy efficiency), traffic safety, and vehicle cabin comfort. The development work will also encompass very-large-format infrared detectors used in astronomy and space observation and lightweight, compact detectors that can be integrated into portable systems and drones.

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