DNN + Compressive Sensing Promises to Increase Video Resolution to 100Gpixel

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Axiv.org paper "Compressive Sampling for Array Cameras" by Xuefei Yan, David J. Brady, Jianqiang Wang, Chao Huang, Zian Li, Songsong Yan, Di Liu, and Zhan Ma from Duke University, Nanjing University, and Kunshan Camputer (?) Laboratory says:

"In the 75 year transition from standard definition to 8K, the pixel capacity of video has increased by a factor of 100. Over the same time period, the computer was invented and the processing, communications and storage capacities of digital systems improved by 6-8 orders of magnitude. The failure of video resolution to develop a rate comparable to other information technologies may be attributed to the physical challenge of creating lenses and sensors capable of capturing more than 10 megapixels. Recently, however, parallel and multiscale optical and electronic designs have enabled video capture with resolution in the range of 0.1-10 gigapixels per frame. At 10 to 100 gigapixels, video capacity will have increased by a factor comparable to improvements in other information technologies."

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