Image Sensors for Machine Vision

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ON Semi publishes a webinar "The Current State of Machine Vision Technology: Image Sensor Challenges and Selection."

BusinessWire: ON Semi also announces a 0.3MP machine vision sensor with 2.2um BSI pixels, the 1/10-inch ARX3A0. The new sensor has 1:1 aspect ratio and features ON Semiconductor’s NIR+ technology.

The 560 x 560 pixel sensor can operate at 360fps speed. It consumes less than 19 mW when capturing images at 30 fps, and 2.5 mW when capturing 1 fps.

Gianluca Colli, VP and GM, Consumer Solution Division of Image Sensor Group at ON Semiconductor said: “As we approach an era where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming an integral part of vision-based systems, it becomes clear that we now share this world with a new kind of intelligence. The ARX3A0 has been designed for that new breed of machine, where vision is as integral to their operation as it is ours.

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