Imec Imaging Spin-offs

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Imec publishes a list of its spin-offs in chronological order. Quite many of them are imaging-related:
  • FillFactory, high speed imagers (acquired by Cypress, then sold to ON Semi)
  • XENICS - IR ROICs and imagers
  • Camargus is a start-up centered around multicamera and video stitching technology for the broadcasting market
  • Magcam - imaging of magnetic fields
  • Morrow - tunable lenses optics for everyday people‚Äôs glasses
  • Midiagnostics - lens-free-imaging based disposable blood tests
  • Spectricity - spectral sensing sensors
Recently, Imec has setup a local VC fund imec.XPAND to support the creation of more start-ups.

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