LiDAR News: IHS Markit, Blickfeld, Espros, Xenomatix

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Autosens publishes Dexin Chen, Senior Technology Analyst at IHS Markit presentation "The race to a low-cost LIDAR system" in Brussels in Sept. 2019:

Another presentation at Autosens Brussels 2019 explains the technology behind Blickfeld LiDAR "The New Generation of MEMS LiDAR for Automotive Applications" by Timor Knudsen, Blickfeld Head of Embedded Software:

Yet another presentation "A novel CCD LiDAR imager" by Beat De Coi – Founder and CEO, ESPROS Photonics Corporation says that there is no value in the ability to detect single photons in LiDAR, like SPADs do:

XenomatiX CEO Filip Geuens presents "Invisible integration of solid-state LIDAR to make beautiful self-driving cars"

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