TechInsights Finds Sony ToF Sensor Inside iPad Pro LiDAR, iFixit Tests LiDAR Operation

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TechInsights twits first info from Apple iPad Pro 2020 teardown, saying that LiDAR sensor is made by Sony.

Update: TechInsights fixed a typo in the original twit. The spatial resolution is 0.03MP, 10x lower than initially reported.

"TechInsights has begun the teardown process of #Apple iPad Pro (Model A2068). Our early findings indicate a 4.18 mm x 4.30 mm (18.0 mm²) #Sony ToF sensor with 0.03 MP resolution & 10 µm pitch pixels within the #LiDAR system. Our analysis continues with in-depth reports to follow."

iFixIt publishes a teardown video showing that LiDAR IR illumination pattern is less dense than a FaceID one:

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