Huawei Smartphone Claimed to Measure Human Body Temperature with Si-based Cameras

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cnTechPost quotes Huawei Consumer Business CEO Richard Yu on-line interview:

"When asked if the P40 series has some functional design in terms of hygiene, Yu mentioned that the P40 Pro+ can detect human body temperature very accurately through a rear camera with a unique algorithm.

Yu added that its global sales team initially stated that such a feature was not needed, but the Chinese team insisted. Of course, Yu pointed out that Huawei cares about user privacy, and related functions require consumer authorization to turn on.

According to Yu's outlook, with AI training and sensor cooperation, Huawei products will have a bigger stage in the future. He also previewed an app that can detect data such as breathing rate, pressure value, heart rate, etc., which is currently ready and will be the first to be launched for Chinese users.

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