EPFL & Canon Work Towards 2.2µm-small SPAD Pixels

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Scitechdaily publishes more info about EPFL and Canon 1MP SPAD sensor:

It’s something I’d been dreaming of for a long time,” says Edoardo Charbon, an EPFL professor and head of the Advanced Quantum Architecture Laboratory in EPFL’s School of Engineering. “MegaX is the culmination of over 15 years of research on single photon avalanche diodes (SPADs), which are photodetectors used in next-generation image-sensor technology.

MegaX lets you increase the dynamic range substantially, far beyond what you can do with a high-definition camera,” says Charbon:

The current MegaX camera has 9µm pixels. “Our team is already working on a next-generation MegaX with a pixel size of 2.2 µm,” adds Charbon. “Our goal isn’t necessarily to make MegaX work like a conventional camera, but rather to create a 4D camera” – the three standard dimensions plus time – “with as many pixels as possible, in order to achieve a higher resolution.

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