ON Semi Reports Q1 2020 Results

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BusinessWire: ON Semi reports Q1 results with some updates about its image sensor business:

"During the first quarter, we secured a major design win for ADAS image sensors with a Japanese OEM. This OEM is one of the largest automakers in the world. This win underscores our global leadership in ADAS image sensors, and highlights customer confidence in our technology in a highly safety critical application.

Our engagement with e-commerce customers is growing at a rapid pace, and we expect ecommerce related applications will be a strong driver of our industrial image sensor business. We believe that growth in our e-commerce related business will be driven by increasing e-commerce volumes, increasing warehouse automation, and adoption of delivery robots. Through our early engagement with industry leaders in e-commerce, we have built a strong design win pipeline for our CMOS image sensors for warehouse automation and delivery robots.

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