Perovskite 3-Layer Sensor Fulfills Foveon’s Original Promise

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ResearchGate publishes SPIE presentation "Color imaging sensors with perovskite alloys" by Mohammad Ismail Hossain, Wayesh Qarony, Haris Ahmad Khan, Masayuki Kozawa, Alberto Salleo, Jon Yngve Hardeberg, Hiroyuki Fujiwara, Yuen Hong Tsang, and Dietmar Knipp from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Gifu University (Japan), and Stanford University:

"The conventional optical color sensors consist of side by side arranged optical filters for three basic colors (blue, green, and red). Hence, the efficiency of such optical color sensors is limited by only 33%. In this study, vertically stacked color sensor is investigated with perovskite alloys, which has a potential to provide the efficiency approaching 100%. The proposed optical sensor will not be limited by color Moire error or color aliasing. Perovskite materials with suitable bandgaps are determined by applying energy shifting model and the optical constants are used for the further investigations. Quantum efficiencies and spectral responsivities of the described color sensors are investigated by three-dimensional electromagnetic simulations. Investigated spectral sensitivities are further analysed for the colorimetric characterization. Finally, the performance of the investigated sensor is compared with conventional filter based optical color sensors. Details on the used materials, the device design, and the colorimetric analysis are provided."

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