TSMC Builds a Dedicated 28nm Fab for Sony Orders

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IFNews reports that TSMC will build a OEM production line exclusively for Sony to produce high-end CIS in 28nm process at the Nanke 14B fab. Also, TSMC is planning to build a new CIS packaging capacity in Zhunan. The plan will be officially started in the beginning of July 2020. It is expected to be completed in mid-2021 and costs NTD300B. In the past, the 14B fab in Nanke used to manufacture 12nm and 16nm chips for HiSilicon, Nvidia, and Mediatek.

Chinese-language UDN site writes (in Bing translation):

"Japanese sources familiar with the situation revealed that TSMC and Sony are very confidential about this cooperation, the two sides signed the first batch of cooperation content at the beginning of this year, first in TSMC Nanke 14A plant for Sony to build a monthly production of 20,000 pieces of CIS foundry line, cooperation is very smooth, Sony further asked TSMC to provide exclusive, equal to the contract factory area, monthly orders and increase several times.

TSMC is actively engaged in the "Cage for Birds" project in order to meet this "super-large single", including the purchase of the Nanke plant adjacent to TSMC, and asked Homeden to move at the fastest speed, that is, to split the 14B plant and 14A plant public plant, in order to create 14B plant for Sony's higher-level CIS replacement plant.

Japanese people familiar with the situation revealed that Sony is already TSMC customers, the past cooperation to logic chip-based, early this year Sony changed the past CIS full home-made strategy, breaking the ground will be CIS to TSMC power workers, by force TSMC all-out market occupation, shocked the industry.

It is understood that Sony's previous CIS order to TSMC, is in TSMC South Branch 14A plant to 40 nanometer process production, TSMC and for this purpose to purchase new equipment designated by Sony, is intensive installation, scheduled for August trial production, the first quarter of next year mass production, the initial monthly production capacity of 20,000 pieces.

Now the cooperation between the two sides extended to 28 nanometers, and decided to build Sony's exclusive foundry area at TSMC Nanke 14B, Sony is equal to the Bao-Yuan 14B plant, the number of orders will be 14A factory several times.

In the face of Samsung's close pursuit, Sony decided to expand its partnership with TSMC, hoping to win 60% of the global Market Share of CIS Image Sensors by 2025.

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