NHK Develops 3-Layer Organic Sensor

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NHK has developed a three-layer color image sensor using organic films that detect only blue and only green light, layered vertically over a CMOS image sensor that detects red light.

"Incident light passes the first organic layer, which absorbs only the blue light component and converts to an electrical signal, and is transparent to the green and red components. The second organic layer absorbs only the green component, and the red component is detected by the CMOS image sensor. The organic layers are combined with transparent thin-film transistors, and the signals output from each of the layers can be combined to reproduce a color image.

This structure enables all color information of red, green and blue to be obtained within a single pixel, achieving a high-resolution image sensor that uses light more efficiently. We will continue to work reducing the pixel size and increasing the number of pixels, and accelerate R&D toward realizing a compact, high-resolution, single-chip camera.

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