Media: Huawei Allocates 10,000 Employees to LiDAR Development

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cnTechPost, EqualOcean, NaijaTechNews, Observer Network, GizmoChina, Baidu: Huawei optoelectronics R&D center in Wihan employing 10,000 people develops automotive LiDAR, according to Wang Jun, president of the recently established Intelligent Automotive Solutions BU. The goal is to create a 100-line LIDAR in the short term.The future plans include cost reduction to $200 or even $100.

Xu Zhijun, Huawei's rotating chairman, says that Huawei will build LIDAR, millimeter-wave radar and other smart car core sensors to create a new sensor ecology.

With that massive investment, Huawei competes against about 130+ smaller LiDAR companies. When combined, these companies probably have the same 10,000 people employed, give or take. So, there is a competition of 10K-people-strong well organized army of Huawei designers against 130+ smaller teams scattered across the globe and exploring different ideas. It would be interesting to see who wins in the end.

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