Dahua Cameras with Sony Starvis Sensors Provide Color Night Vision Down to 0.004 lux

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Businesswire: Dahua’s flagship Starlight technology employs large apertures (maximum f/1.6), Sony Starvis sensors and Smart ISP to produce richly colored, identification-level images in illumination of 0.004 to 0.009 lux. Starlight cameras have IR cut filters that switch to black and white mode when the camera senses that insufficient light is available to reproduce good color images. When night mode is triggered, the filter disengages, allowing IR as well as visible illumination to reach the image sensor.

There is also a Night Color mode that does not require a IR cut filter; instead it uses a high-performance sensor and ISP, as well as an achromatic large aperture lens, to produce crisp, clear images. Night Color requires at least 1 lux of ambient or artificial light.

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