Intel LiDAR Teardown Reveals BOM of $35.08

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TechInsights publishes a teardown of Intel RealSense L515 LiDAR:

"The Intel RealSense L515 is rated for indoor use and can provide depth measurements between 0.25 m and 9 m with a field of view of 70° x 55°. Its LiDAR unit consists of an IR (860 nm) laser reflecting off a scanning MEMS mirror, coupled with an IR photodiode. It is also fitted with an RGB camera which provides a 1080p resolution at 30 fps.

The RealSense L515 is housed in a compact and lightweight “hockey puck” enclosure (61 mm x 26 mm / 100 grams), which makes it ideal for robotics applications, as it can be more easily incorporated into a product."

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