Melexis Reports 1M Automotive ToF Sensors Shipped

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Melexis publishes an article on its history in automotive ToF imaging, starting from cooperation with Free University of Brussels (VUB), continuing with VUB spin-off Softkinetic that was acquired by Sony and renamed to Sony Depthsensing Solutions.

So far, Melexis has shipped 1M automotive ToF sensors:

"At Melexis, we are proud of having designed the first automotive qualified ToF sensor IC with our first generation MLX75023. This proves our capability to not only design but also produce the new technology in line with stringent automotive quality standards. It is therefore with great pleasure that we are the first to have reached in 2019 the impressive milestone of having more than 1 million ToF image sensor ICs on the road."

Melexis also announces a QVGA ToF sensor MLX75027 and publishes "ToF Basics" tutorial.

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