CIS Prices in China

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I came across an article talking about CIS prices in China in the second half of 2018. This somewhat outdated info gives an indication of how low the prices can be for a fairly complicated device:

Once we are talking about Galaxycore, the company has been requested to compare its sensors performance with others on the market while preparing its IPO. Galaxycore claims that it's similar to the market leaders.

Brigates has changed its name to Ruixin Microelectronics and prepares an IPO at the valuation of 1B yuan. The company has lost the money in 2017-208, then turned a profit in 2019:

"In the past three years, Ruixin Micro's revenue was 52.197 million yuan, 146 million yuan and 253 million yuan respectively. In 2017 and 2018, net losses were 15.1624 million yuan and 279 million yuan respectively. In 2019, it turned losses into profits, with net profit of 52.117 million yuan. Based on this, Ruixinwei finally chose a listing standard with an estimated market value of not less than 1 billion yuan, a positive net profit in the most recent year, and an operating income of not less than 100 million yuan."

Meanwhile, Omnivision's mother company Will Semi share price rose by 20x since its IPO 3 years ago:

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