Strategy Analytics: Sony Losing Smartphone CIS Market Share to Samsung, Omnivision, and Hynix

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BusinessWire: According to Strategy Analytics, the total smartphone image sensor market witnessed a 15% YoY revenue growth in H1 2020. Sony maintains the first position in the smartphone image sensor market with 44% revenue share followed by Samsung and OmniVision. The top-three vendors captured almost 85% revenue share in the global smartphone image sensor market in H1 2020.

Jeffrey Mathews, Senior Analyst at Strategy Analytics says, “The image sensor market was driven by the upbeat demand for multi-camera configuration featuring 2MP and 8MP image sensors in smartphones and further boosted by the shipment of high pixel sensors such as 64MP and 108MP image sensors in H1 2020. Sony saw its market share decline in H1 2020 owing to the rising competition from Samsung, OmniVision and SK Hynix.

Stephen Entwistle, VP of the Strategic Technologies Practice at Strategy Analytics commented, “The image sensor market growth was slowed by the impact of the pandemic on the overall smartphone market. However, the momentum around high pixel sensors and the use of multiple cameras in smartphones is expected to shape a strong growth path for the image sensor market in H2 2020.

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