Paper on CG Improvements

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Assim Boukhayma (Senbiosys & EPFL) publishes an paper "Conversion Gain Enhancement in Standard CMOS Image Sensors."

"This paper focuses on the conversion gain (CG) of pixels implementing pinned photo-diodes (PPD) and in-pixel voltage follower in standard CMOS image sensor (CIS) process. An overview of the CG expression and its impact on the noise performance of the CIS readout chain is presented. CG enhancement techniques involving process refinements and pure circuit design and pixel scheme optimization are introduced. The implementation of these techniques in a 180 nm CIS process demonstrates a progressive enhancement of the CG by more than a factor 3 with respect to a standard reference pixel from the same foundry, allowing a better understanding of the different parasitic elements on the sense node capacitance and CG."

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