Cambridge Mechatronics to Unveil its 3D Camera Module Soon

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Cambridge Mechatronics (CML) is preparing its own 3D camera module with 10m depth range:

"Apple’s technology is different to that used previously by other smartphone brands. The LiDAR module collects data from around six hundred points of emitted light. In addition to images from other cameras in the handset, this information is processed by the neural engine in the iPhone to simulate detailed depth data of the scene up to five metres away.

CML has also been working on long range 3D sensing. Using our patented technology, we have developed a module that collects three hundred thousand data points at a range of ten metres. No supporting information is required from other cameras to deliver the 3D experience. The high resolution of the depth map in CML’s solution removes the necessity to pass it through a neural engine, making it a simple solution to include in smartphones and other products.

By extending range from five to ten metres, augmented reality can be applied to more of the surroundings, opening up an even greater number of applications and a more realistic, immersive experience. This gives even more freedom and opportunities for apps developers.

We will be promoting our 3D sensing modules to the market shortly."

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