Fujifilm Uses Polarization Sensor for Multispectral Imaging

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OSA Optics Express paper "Snapshot multispectral imaging using a pixel-wise polarization color image sensor" by Shuji Ono, Fujifilm, uses polarization to separate multispectral filter bands:

"This study proposes a new imaging technique for snapshot multispectral imaging in which a multispectral image was captured using an imaging lens that combines a set of multiple spectral filters and polarization filters, as well as a pixel-wise color polarization image sensor. The author produced a prototype nine-band multispectral camera system that covered from visible to near-infrared regions and was very compact. The camera’s spectral performance was evaluated using experiments; moreover, the camera was used to detect the freshness of food and the activity of wild plants and was mounted on a vehicle to obtain a multispectral video while driving."

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