Smartsens Announces 9MP APS-C Sensor with 3D Stacked Voltage Domain Global Shutter

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Smartsens launches a 9MP Global Shutter sensor product for Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) applications, the SC910GS. Also, the previously launched 4MP SC410GS targets the same market.

Ma Weijian, Smartsens COO, says (in Google automatic translation): "Due to the complexity of pixel structure and process, Global Shutter, especially the large-format Global Shutter technology, is more challenging to design, so in the past it was mainly monopolized by foreign technology. 

Smartsens innovative use of Voltage Domain SmartGS technology has realized the development and mass production of the industry’s first BSI/3D stack BSI Global Shutter image sensor. With the first-generation SmartGS technology, breakthroughs in sensitivity, wide dynamics, and short exposure time control have been achieved. Based on the first-generation Global Shutter’s successful products, Smartsens has now become the leader in global Shutter CIS shipments.

The SC910GS and SC410GS released this time are based on the second-generation SmartGS technology is a breakthrough product for high-end applications. It is another successful breakthrough for domestic companies in the field of large-size and large-resolution Global Shutter chips. It strives to reduce light pollution, empower all-weather applications and intelligent upgrade applications for intelligent transportation applications. A weapon!

In addition, SmartGS' third-generation SmartGS technology is also under development, and its sensitivity, noise optimization and wide dynamic performance will be further improved. I look forward to seeing you with this technology this year!"

Both SC910GS and SC410GS are sampling now.

Another Smartsens' presentation talks about automotive sensors market and the company's HDR with LED Flicker Suppression (LFS) solution:

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