CES News: NII, AIStorm, Innovusion, Brightway, Mcnex

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Japan National Institute of Informatics provides a protection from fingerprint recognition from camera images:

AIStorm presents its sensors without saying much about the underlying technology:

Innovusion shows its long range Jaguar 100 and 65 LiDARs:

BrightWay Vision presents its VISDOM automotive gated vision camera performance:

"Independent tests performed under the DENSE European Research project evaluated the performance of the various available optical sensing technologies, including visual cameras, thermal imagers, and LiDARs, under adverse weather conditions. The project team concluded that the GatedVision sensor is the only one that could see all the tested targets, through dense fog and throughout the entire range tested. All other sensors were found limited to only half the range and limited types of objects detected."

Mcnex presents a scanning automotive camera:

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