ams’ NanEye Endoscopic Camera Reverse Engineering

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SystemPlus publishes a reverse engineering of ams’ NanEye endoscopic camera:

"To achieve an exceedingly small size and minimal cost, the NanEye relegates memory and image processing functionality off-chip and uses low-voltage differential signaling to stream image data at 38 Mbps. The NanEye includes a wafer-level packaged (WLP) 1 x 1 mm2 249 x 250-pixel front-side illuminated CMOS image sensor designed by AWAIBA (acquired by ams in 2015) and WLO technology developed by Heptagon (acquired by ams in 2016). Through-silicon via technology connects the sensor to the 4-pad solder-masked ball grid array package on the backside, facilitating integration into novel imaging products. The camera can be ordered with several preset optical configurations with an F-stop range of F2.4 – 6.0 and a field of view (FOV) range of 90° – 160°. The version analyzed in this report has an F-stop of F#4.0 and FOV of 120°."

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