Call for Papers for Special Issue of 2022 IEEE TED on Solid-State Image Sensors

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Over the last decade, solid-state image sensors have sustained impressive technological developments as well as growth in existing markets such as camera phones, automotive cameras, security and industrial cameras and medical/scientific cameras. This has included:
  • sub-micron pixels,
  • high dynamic range sensors for automotive and machine vision,
  • time-of- flight sensors for 3D imaging,
  • 3-dimensional integration (wafer level stacking) for small and efficient imaging systems on a chip,
  • sub-electron read noise pixels and avalanche photodetectors for single-photon imaging,
  • detector structures for non-cooled infrared imaging,
  • and many others.
Solid-state image sensors are also taking off into new applications and markets (IoT, 3D imaging, medical, biometrics and others). Solid-state image sensors are now key components in a vast array of consumer and industrial products. This special issue will provide a focal point for reporting these advancements in an archival journal and serve as an educational tool for the solid-state image sensor community. Previous special issues on solid-state image sensors were published in 1968, 1976, 1985, 1991, 1997, 2003, 2009 and 2016.
  • Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • Pixel device physics (New devices and structures, Advanced materials, Improved models and scaling, Advanced pixel circuits, Performance enhancement for QE, Dark current, Noise, Charge Multiplication Devices, etc.)
  • Image sensor design and performance (New architectures, Small pixels and Large format arrays, High dynamic range, 3D range capture, Low voltage, Low power, High frame rate readout, Scientific-grade, Single-Photon Sensitivity)
  • Image-sensor-specific peripheral circuits (ADCs and readout electronics, Color and image processing, Smart sensors and computational sensors, System on a chip)
  • Non-visible “image” sensors (Enhanced spectral response e.g., UV, NIR, High energy photon and particle detectors e.g., electrons, X-rays, Ions, Hybrid detectors, THz imagers)
  • Stacked image sensor architectures, fabrication, packaging and manufacturing (two or more tiers, back-side illuminated devices)
  • Miscellaneous topics related to image sensor technology
Submission deadline: July 30, 2021
Publication date: June 2022

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