ams Announces 13.8MP and 8MP Global Shutter Sensors

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BusinessWire: ams introduces the CSG family of image sensors for industrial vision equipment which achieves higher resolution at very high frame rates. The new CSG14K and CSG8K sensors are supplied in – respectively – a 1” or a 1/1.1” optical format.

The CSG14K is a global shutter image sensor that combines resolution of 13.8MP with high-speed operation: in 10-bit mode at full resolution, the sensor can capture images at a maximum rate of 140fps, and at 93.6fps in 12-bit mode. The CSG8K achieves even higher speeds of 231fps in 10-bit and 155fps in 12-bit mode at its full resolution of 8MP.

They are the first products to gain the benefits of a pixel design which is notable for its low noise and high sensitivity, plus HDR mode.

Peter Vandersteegen, Marketing Manager of the CMOS Image Sensors business line at ams, said: “AOI is a vital part of the quality control process in modern factories. By delivering a fast frame rate and higher resolution, the CSG image sensors provide a simple way for industrial camera manufacturers to upgrade the performance of their products, and to enable their cus-tomers to raise throughput, productivity and quality – all in a standard optical format.

The CSG sensors feature a sub-LVDS data interface like that of the ams CMV family of image sensors. Both sensors are supplied in a 20mm x 22mm LGA package, share the same footprint and pinout, and are software-compatible. The CSG14K has a 1:1 aspect ratio, and is ideal for use in C-mount, 29mm x 29mm industrial cameras. The CSG8K has a 16:9 aspect ratio, suita-ble for video. 

The CSG14K and CSG8K sensors are available for sampling.

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