Yole on Machine Vision Market

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Yole Developpement publishes a report "The industrial vision market matters, and the ecosystem is reconfiguring."

"The supply chain of key image sensor components has centralized. Yole estimates that the top five camera players have 53% market share in industrial cameras. The top three image sensor players have more than 78% market share.

As software further improves camera function, leading players like Cognex and Basler have acquired software companies to strengthen their competitiveness. Smaller players are merging and gradually becoming larger players, for example TKH Group has merged many smaller camera players.

There have also been strong alliances, including upstream and downstream mergers to become giants, such as the recent Teledyne acquisition of FLIR. We have also seen some Chinese players come to the surface, such as Hikrobot, Huaray, and Imavision. They have grown by absorbing the technology of external players. As global manufacturing shifts to China, the Chinese machine vision market will be huge. Chinese machine vision players will therefore become important to watch in this market."

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