Sony Global Shutter Sensor Designers Interview

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Sony publishes a large interview with its global shutter image sensor designers titled "Pregius S—to be a bridgehead for pioneering new markets such as robot arms through the pursuit of high speed, multi-pixel as well as size reduction." Few quotes:

"...there is a question why CIS-based GS did not exist before, and the answer is partly because a new structure was needed to add the GS function to the previous CIS. To realize this, a diversity of technology was required for microfabrication, such as memory storage potential structure design, design to embed it in the photodiode, technology to transfer stored information without a loss, pixel designing technology, micro-processing technology, etc., to a greater extent than that required for conventional CIS.

Our competitors produced CISs with superior energy efficiency or speed (higher frame rates), but we heard that many users complained of the noises compromising the picture quality.

Against this backdrop, we decided to develop a CIS for GS, Pregius, leveraging our expertise in pixel technology which we cultivated through SSS Group’s pioneering RS mode CIS and CCD image sensors.

...finally, we delivered increased multi-pixels and size reduction while at the same time achieved to eliminate noises, which competitors could not solve.

Pregius by SSS Group had impressive responses for its low-noise picture quality that was far superior to its competitions, but the market for industrial machines was moving fast, and there was an increasing demand for smaller (miniaturized) and faster GSs with more pixels.

The back-illuminated structure enabled enhanced light saturation and increased pixels, but the most challenging task for development of Pregius S was to shield the pixels so that the light did not seep into unintended parts."

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