Flat Lens News: Metalenz, KAIST

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Techcrunch: Metalenz raises $10M in series A investment to productize flat lens for camera module. “We’re really using all standard semiconductor processes and materials here, the exact same equipment — but with lenses instead of electronics,” said Rob Devlin, the company's founder and CEO. “We can already make a million lenses a day with our foundry partners.

BusinessKorea, AjuDaily, AdvancedOpticalMaterials: KAIST too develops a flat lens for use in lightfield cameras. "In the camera developed by the team, the light absorbing layer of nano thickness is inserted between microlens arrays to result in contrast and resolution enhancement. The layer is a metal-dielectric-metal thin film with a thickness of 200 nm and the team reduced the gap between the objective lens and the microlens to make the camera extremely thin."

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