GPixel Introduces GLUX BSI sCMOS Family with 0.8 e- Noise

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Gpixel presents GLUX9701BSI, a 1” format BSI sCMOS sensor with a resolution of 1.3 MP (1280 x 1024) and large 9.76 μm x 9.76 μm pixels. The sensor is the first in a new family targeting extreme low-light imaging for both surveillance and scientific use.
GLUX9701BSI supports a dual-gain HDR mode, achieving dynamic range of 90 dB by combining 1.5 e– RMS read noise and 50 Ke– full well charge. A dedicated low noise mode further optimizes imaging performance with read noise of 0.8 e– and power consumption of 180 mW. Dedicated circuit and process engineering improves noise uniformity of GLUX significantly over previous sCMOS models with a close to Gaussian noise distribution behavior as can be seen in below figure.

The sensor offers two types of data output: 4 channel sub-LVDS and MIPI (CSI-2, D-PHY). The default frame rate at HDR of 30 fps can be achieved using both channel options with dedicated operation modes achieving frame rates of up to 120 fps.

A picture below demos the new sensor performance at 25 fps with <0.01 lux light intensity (measurement equipment limited).

A demo video is taken at 25fps under strarlight:

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