LiDAR News: Robosense, Aeye,, Ouster

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BusinessWire: Robosense shows its First Automotive-grade LiDAR Production Line in China:

BusinessWireAeye reports the independent validation of performance of its camera-LiDAR combo named iDAR:
  1. the AEye sensor was able to detect targets with a substantial number of points at a distance exceeding 1000 meters without compromising frame rate
  2. AEye’s sensor produced over 175 points on an 18% target at a distance of 200m, achieving the metric with 1600 points per degree squared
  3. iDAR achieved over 200Hz scan rate for full frame and field of view (FOV)
  4. the iDAR sensor works effectively behind a first-surface made of windshield glass material at a nominal thickness at various angles of incidence.
It's not clear what part of this performance comes from camera and what's from LiDAR part of the combo - everything is fused. publishes a webinar of its Clarity comparing multi-camera setup with LiDAR:

An IP analytics blog LexisNexis believes that Ouster has the best quality of its LiDAR patents:

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