Omnivision’s Early Years

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SinaFinance publishes a biography of Datong Chen, Omnivision's Chairman, including the early ears on the company:

"In 1995, a coincidental opportunity came. A friend of Chen Datong wanted to start a company to develop image sensors using CMOS technology. He wanted to invite Chen Datong to be the co-founder. Chen Datong has never learned this technology. The other party even asked him to be the co-founder and take care of the most critical technology. This seems very incredible.

Later, Chen Datong thought that it should be because of two things:

One is that this friend had asked him for technical consultation before, and he got through and solved the problem in two or three weeks for the technology he hadn't touched, which proved his ability. The second is that he helped the other party a lot, and he didn't ask for it when they were paid.

In this way, in 1995, Omnivision Technology was established in Silicon Valley, USA, and Chen Datong became the co-founder, passively starting his first business venture in his life.

"At that time there were probably 20 or 30 companies like this in the world doing the same thing, but since they are all on this boat, do it hard."

In Omnivision's team, 80% of the engineers are Chinese, 80% of the Chinese are foreign students, and 80% of the foreign students are Tsinghua [University] graduates. The team is extremely creative and works very hard. Finally, they became the first company in the world to turn CMOS technology into a product.

This company has triggered an industrial revolution: through the commercialization of CMOS technology, the power consumption of image sensors has been reduced by several hundred times, making mobile phones usable as cameras.

In 2000, Omnivision Technology was listed on NASDAQ and successfully listed."

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