CIS Stacking Patent Invalidated due to PCB-Based Prior Art

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BloombergUS Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) dismisses Cellect stacked patent lawsuit against Samsung on the grounds of existing PCB-style prior art from 1995. Cellect's patent US 9,198,565 "Reduced area imaging device incorporated within endoscopic devices" proposes image sensor stacking as a way to reduce endoscope footprint:

PTAB concludes that 1995 camera arrangement proposing to stack drivers on PCB underneath the imager, such as described here, is a known prior art:

As an unrelated note, the PTAB document quotes Kodak market review from 1995, where the company rightfully forecasts that CMOS sensors would conquer the whole mass market, while CCDs would survive only in low-volume niche applications. As the history shows, having the right forecast at the right time has not changed the fate of the company:

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