Graphene and Other 2D Materials Sensors Review

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Nature publishes a review paper "Silicon/2D-material photodetectors: from near-infrared to mid-infrared" by Chaoyue Liu, Jingshu Guo, Laiwen Yu, Jiang Li, Ming Zhang, Huan Li, Yaocheng Shi & Daoxin Dai from Zhejiang University, China.

"Two-dimensional materials (2DMs) have been used widely in constructing photodetectors (PDs) because of their advantages in flexible integration and ultrabroad operation wavelength range. Specifically, 2DM PDs on silicon have attracted much attention because silicon microelectronics and silicon photonics have been developed successfully for many applications. 2DM PDs meet the imperious demand of silicon photonics on low-cost, high-performance, and broadband photodetection. In this work, a review is given for the recent progresses of Si/2DM PDs working in the wavelength band from near-infrared to mid-infrared, which are attractive for many applications. The operation mechanisms and the device configurations are summarized in the first part. The waveguide-integrated PDs and the surface-illuminated PDs are then reviewed in details, respectively. The discussion and outlook for 2DM PDs on silicon are finally given."

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