Gpixel Releases World’s Highest Resolution Global Shutter CMOS Sensor

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Gpixel expands the GMAX product family of global shutter image sensors with the 152 MP GMAX32152, the highest resolution global shutter CMOS sensor commercially available in the market.

This latest GMAX sensor incorporates a 3.2 µm charge domain global shutter pixel in a 16556 (H) x 9200 (V) array for an imaging area of 53 mm x 29.4 mm (60.6 mm diagonal). The 1.8:1 wide aspect ratio optimizes the inspection of flat panel displays of similar format and increases the efficiency of large field of view aerial mapping applications.

GMAX32152 shares a common pixel and read-out architecture with the 103 MP GMAX32103, achieving the same full well capacity of 9.4 ke- and a read noise of 4 e- for a dynamic range of 67.6 dB.

The read out of image data is accomplished using 38 pairs of sub-LVDS channels each operating at 960 MHz delivering a full resolution frame rate of 16 fps at 12bit output and total aggregate data rate of 36.48 Gbps.

This sensor is provided in monochrome and RGB Bayer color options. Monochrome and RGB color engineering samples can be ordered today for delivery in October 2021, production release is expected by mid 2022.

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