IntoPIX Announces IP Cores for 10x Raw Image Data Compression

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BusinessWire: IntoPIX announces the extension of its range of TICO RAW IP-cores supporting additional pixel per clock architectures to target more devices and more sensor types.

Integrated on ASIC or in small FPGAs, these IP-cores cover the most popular CFA Bayer patterns, sensor bit-depths from 10 up to 16 bits and resolutions from 1MP up to 100MP.

TICO-RAW is the new RAW. It preserves access to the control over white balance, exposure and color grading with the world's best efficiency. “The continued use of regular RAW files means that the ultimate image quality can’t be maintained without creating monster-size files or using too much bandwidth,” explains Jean-Baptiste Lorent, Marketing and Sales Director at intoPIX. With 10 times less bandwidth required and 10 times less storage needed compared with those of regular RAW, TICO-RAW offers a high speed and low complexity.

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