Pixel with Nearly Unity-Gain SF

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IEEE Sensors publishes a video presentation of Xiaoliang Ge and Albert Theuwissen (Delft University) paper "A CMOS Image Sensor with Nearly Unity-Gain Source Follower and Optimized Column Amplifier."

"This paper presents a CMOS image sensor with in-pixel nearly unity-gain pMOS transistor based source followers and optimized column-parallel amplifiers. The prototype sensor has been fabricated in a 0.18 µm CMOS process. By eliminating the body effect of the source follower transistor, the voltage gain for the pixel-level readout circuitry approaches unity. The use of a single-ended common-source cascode amplifier with ground rail regulation improves the PSRR of the column-parallel analog front-end circuitry and further the noise performance. The prototype sensor with proposed readout architecture reaches a 1.1e- input-referred temporal noise with a column-level ×16 analog gain."

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