Sony Unveils UV-Optimized Image Sensor

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Sony announces the commercialization of the IMX487, a 2/3-type CMOS image sensor for industrial equipment, which is optimized for UV wavelength and comes with global shutter functionality and the industry’s highest (among UV sensors) pixel count of 8.13MP.

The sensor captures UV light with high efficiency made possible by the industry’s smallest (among UV sensors) 2.74 µm pixel size. It utilizes Sony’s Pregius S global shutter technology, which employs a unique back-illuminated pixel structure on a stacked CMOS image sensor,

Sony expects the new sensor to be useful in a variety of applications, including semiconductor pattern defect inspection in the existing UV camera market, thereby contributing to improving productivity in manufacturing processes and helping to solve industrial issues.

In general, UV cameras enable sorting of materials that would be difficult in visible light, as well as checking for minute scratches and defects on the surface of objects. They have conventionally been used in semiconductor pattern defect inspection; however, to expand the scope of application in the future, demand has continued to grow for an image sensor that not only provides sensitivity in the UV wavelength, but also delivers high resolution, low noise, and high-speed performance.

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