Syntiant Partners with Pixart on Low Power Always-On Applications

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GlobeNewswire: Competing with Himax WiseEye always-on IoT platform, Pixart partners with Syntyant neural processing startup to come up with a joint low power vision platform.

Syntiant introduces its Syntiant® NDP200 Neural Decision Processor (NDP), the company’s first chip designed for vision processing that can provide highly accurate inference at under 1mW.

The NDP200 can run multiple applications simultaneously with minimal power consumption, including AI vision features such as person detection, object classification, motion tracking and occupancy monitoring.

Our NDP200 brings extraordinary inference capabilities to a wide variety of always-on image and sensor applications,” said Kurt Busch, CEO of Syntiant. “Our Core 2 architecture minimizes data movement by coupling memory and MAC functions that generally provides 100x improvement in efficiency and performance. As an example, an application that lasts three and a half days on a battery-powered device using an Arm A53 processor would last one year running on the NDP200.

The combination of Syntiant’s NDP200 and PixArt's ultra-low-power image sensor offers the ability to develop highly accurate person and object detection systems that consume very little power with almost no latency,” said Sen Huang, CEO of PixArt Imaging. “These features are extremely critical to the growing need for imaging sensor applications found in battery-operated IoT devices, such as video doorbells and security cameras.”

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