Trieye Unveils VCSEL Powered SWIR Camera

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PRNewswireTriEye announces "the first of its kind VCSEL powered Electro-Optic (EO) SWIR system", integrating TriEye CMOS-based sensor with VCSEL as an illumination source.

TriEye demonstrates an EO system by integrating the TriEye Raven with 1350nm SWIR VCSEL-based illumination, provided by their VCSEL partner, as such they enable the highest power density - which today is over 5 watts per mm2 . This new EO system will provide significant value for short-range applications such as mobile, biometrics, industrial automation, medical and more.

TriEye's solution is said to be the first to provide SWIR based sensing using VCSEL technology. TriEye's SWIR system opens doors to next generation perception capabilities by providing a significant value proposition compared to the NIR spectrum. This includes resilience to sunlight and other sources of ambient noises while providing an eye-safe illumination source. With this combination, the perception system will have longer range and better accuracy than previously achievable with NIR based systems.

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