Mobile Camera Module Prices in China in December 2021

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SigmaIntell publishes its report on camera module prices in China and its forecast for Q1 2022:

IThome quotes SigmaIntell (Chinese name Qunzhi Consulting):

"According to the latest survey data of Qunzhi Consulting in December, in terms of low-pixel products, 2M pixel products are affected by the strategic reduction in capacity supply. It is expected that prices in the first quarter will show a flat trend. 8M pixel products, affected by the previous price increase factors, the terminal demand will continue to be sluggish in the first quarter. Qunzhi Consulting predicts that the price will show a 3-5% decline in the first quarter .

In terms of high-pixel products, for 64M pixel products, upstream head chip vendors continue to increase their production capacity for high-pixel products, and the industry's high-pixel component inventory continues to increase. Inventory clearing has become a priority strategy for chip vendors in the current period, Qunzhi Consulting predicts , The price will show a decline of about 5% in the first quarter.

The trend of multiple cameras on smart phones will continue in the future. However, due to the diminishing marginal effect of the increase in the number of cameras on the improvement of photo effects, and the increase in the cost of mobile phones brought about by 5G, mobile phone manufacturers have slowed down the upgrade of cameras."

Omdia too publishes its analysis of smartphone cameras number and resolution trends:

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