Nokia Pureview 9 Features 5 Cameras Powered by Light Co.

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TheVerge: HMD Global announces Nokia Pureview 9 smartphone with 5 rear cameras powered by Light Co's Lux Capacitor camera-control chip. All 5 sensors have 12MP resolution, 2 of them are color, while 3 - monochrome. All five cameras shoot with different exposures at the same time. The processing time is quite slow: it takes about 10s to process a single picture and another few seconds to save it in full resolution.

GSMArena reports there is also a 6th camera - the ToF one. Most of other sourced do not confirm that. GSMArena says about the phone production plans:

"But there is also the fact that the Nokia 9 will have a limited production run. Once the stock is depleted - that's it. Nokia may not be producing any more devices. The company hasn't revealed exactly how many units it will produce, though."

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