Yole on Uncooled IR Imaging Market

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Yole Développement reports that uncooled IR imaging market has grown by 30% in shipments and 7% in revenue in 2014. The uncooled thermal camera market re-entered a growth phase in 2014, after a subpar 2012 and 2013, thanks to an earlier-than expected stabilization of military demand and a dynamic commercial business. Commercial markets dominate thermal imaging, and were worth US$1,29B in 2014. FLIR Systems was especially successful in 2014, far exceeding the market’s average growth in shipments.

FLIR Systems developed its activities both organically by launching large products line (from high end to low end) in each commercial market and by pioneering new applications (smartphones, PVS, UAV…). FLIR also acquired many companies,” Yole’s report says. “It bought Indigo in 2003, and since 5 years, bought 6 companies for US$595M: Traficon International, Lorex Technology, DigitalOptics, Raymarine, ICX, Aerius.

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