Sony Presents its Solid-State RGB-IR Solution

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Nikkei: Sony presented its new RGB-IR solution at Infrared Array Sensor Forum 2015 on July 31, 2015. Sony has replaced a half of G color in Bayer CFA with white (W). By using data of the three primary colors in addition to W to perform data processing, it becomes possible to remove only near-infrared light signals, Sony said. As a result, a color image can be taken by without an IR-cut filter. The new technology is said to enable existing image sensors to take an image using not only visible light but near-infrared light just by replacing a color filter and image processing software. The color filter is supplied by Fujifilm.

The Japanese version of Nikkei article also has a picture explaining the new Sony technology:

The description reminds me Pixim patent US8619143 "Image sensor including color and infrared pixels" by Ricardo Motta, now belonging to Sony. The Pixim patent uses Gray instead of White in CFA, but looks similar in other aspects:

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