Digitimes Research: Sony to Shift Focus to Mid-Range and Entry-Level

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Digitimes: Sony is to ramp up its image sensor production capacity by 31% in 2016, and plans focusing on mid-range and entry-level phone models, according to Digitimes Research. Sony also plans to triple its lens module shipments during the period from 2014-2017, Digitimes Research says.

Samsung Electronics has not used in-house developed image sensor products on its flagship models for over one-and-a-half years, not even in the recently released Galaxy Note 5, which comes with a Sony IMX240 sensor.

Samsung's adoption of Sony's CIS sensors may affect confidence of other first-tier smartphone brands in Samsung's image sensor products, which in return is likely to force the Korea company's CIS business unit to cooperate with second-tier handset brands. This is said to have an unfavorable impact on other image sensor makers, including Ominivision, ON Semi and those in Taiwan.

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