EETimes Interviews Invisage CEO

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EETimes-Europe publishes an interview with Jess Lee, Invisage CEO. Few quotes:

"We have not said to much about the material structure of QuantumFilm. There are concerns over cadmium in quantum dots so the first thing to say is there is no cadmium. What we have said is that it is a metal-chalcogenide material, similar to a II-VI material surrounded by ligands in a matrix.

The dots are of a diameter of between about 3-micron and 5-micron and it is these dimensions that affect the electron band structure and govern the sensitivity to light.

We are limited by the state of silicon I/O and analog-to-digital converters. As that rises we can go at hundreds, even thousands of frames per second. There is no difference between us and comparable CMOS image sensors.

We see QuantumFilm as a platform used by us as the first and second customer. To have third and fourth customers is better for us. We are prepared to work with partners to enable them, with QuantumFilm. We wouldn't license the technology out but there are a number of other ways to enable partners.

...we are on a mature silicon platform – 110nm. It's a very different capital investment process there. We have our own fab in Taiwan but it is only focused on a couple of processes – a spin-on process to add the film and the definition of the pixels.

Invisage white paper linked on the last page of the article discusses NIR imaging applications:

SparkP2 product overview

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