e2v on CCD vs CMOS Sensors

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AZO Materials publishes Teledyne e2v article "The Development of CMOS Image Sensors" with a table comparing CCD and CMOS sensors. Although I do not agree with some of the statements in the table, here it is:

Signal from pixelElectron packetVoltage
Signal from chipAnalog VoltageBits (digital)
Readout noiselowLower at equivalent frame rate
Fill factorHighModerate or low
Photo-ResponseModerate to highModerate to high
Dynamic RangeHighModerate to high
UniformityHighSlightly Lower
Power consumptionModerate to highLow to moderate
ShutteringFast, efficientFast, efficient
SpeedModerate to HighHigher
Anti-bloomingHigh to noneHigh, always
Image ArtefactSmearing, charge transfer inefficiencyFPN, Motion (ERS), PLS
Biasing and ClockingMultiple, higher voltageSingle, low-voltage
System ComplexityHighLow
Sensor ComplexityLowHigh
Relative R&D costLowerLower or Higher depending on series

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