3D News: MIT, Intel, Sharp

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MIT Vivienne Sze's presentation on energy efficient processing has a part about low power ToF imaging:

Intel announces an long range version of its active stereo 3D camera Realsense D455:

"The D455 camera increases the optimal range to 6 meters, making it twice as accurate as the current D400 cameras without sacrificing field of view. The D455 also includes global shutters for the depth and RGB sensors to improve correspondence between the two different data streams and to match the field of view between the depth sensors and the RGB sensor. In addition, this camera also integrates an IMU to allow for refinement of its depth awareness in any situation where the camera moves.

The D455 achieves less than 2% Z-error at 4 meters with several improvements. First, the depth sensors are located 95 millimeters apart, providing greater depth accuracy at a longer range. Second, the depth and RGB sensors are placed on the same stiffener, resulting in an improved alignment of color and depth. Lastly, the RGB sensor has the same field of view as the depth sensors, further improving correlation of depth and color points.

Sharp presentation on its distance measuring sensors explains their operation:

Sharp also makes SPAD-based ToF distance sensors:

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