Imec Presentation on Low-Cost NIR and SWIR Imaging

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SPIE publishes an Imec presentation "Image sensors for low cost infrared imaging and 3D sensing" by Jiwon Lee, Epimetheas Georgitzikis, Edward Van Sieleghem, Yun Tzu Chang, Olga Syshchyk, Yunlong Li, Pierre Boulenc, Gauri Karve, Orges Furxhi, David Cheyns, and Pawel Malinowski (available after free SPIE account registration.)

"Thanks to state-of-the-art III-V and thin-film (organics or quantum dots) material integration experience combined with imager design and manufacturing, imec is proposing a set of research activities which ambition is to innovate in the field of low cost and high resolution NIR/SWIR uncooled sensors as well as 3D sensing in NIR with Silicon-based Time-of-Flight pixels. This work will present the recent integration achievements with demonstration examples as well as development prospects in this research framework."

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